SMILE – Sixth Form Mentoring Programme 

The SMILE project is a mentoring programme where year 12 students volunteer to mentor year 7’s and 8’s on a one to one and group work basis.
The aims of this programme are to raise the confidence and self esteem of pupils and help them to feel supported in their school life.
The Sixth Form mentors will also be working towards a Peer Mentoring qualification as part of this project which will be a fantastic addition to any university or job applications and will enhance their CV’s.

Each volunteer is interviewed to assess their suitability to be a peer mentor and then trained in the following areas;

  • Child protection
  • What is mentoring?
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Friendship Vs Mentoring
  • Boundaries
  • Communication skills
  • Self care and support networks
  • Culture, identity and values
  • Relationships

The Sixth Form mentors would be available in regular meeting times to help their mentees with anything they may need assistance with during the school day.  This could include school work, homework, organisational skills or to simply provide a listening ear as someone who has already gone through the school and recognises the challenges that may present the year 7 & 8 students.
The Sixth Form mentors are supported through monthly group supervisions and, if required, weekly individual meetings with their KICK Start project coordinator.