Network 8

Network 8 – a social skills programme for year 8 students.

The aim of the Network 8 is to aid students in their personal development and make each individual more able to deal with situations they encounter in and out of school and to increase their confidence.  The approach we use is designed to:

  • raise confidence and self esteem
  • increase inter-personal and intra-personal skills
  • develop a set of problem solving strategies

The course runs for seven weeks.  Similarly to Network 7 each week focuses on a different topic to help the students develop their inter-personal and intra-personal skills.  These sessions are based around the topics of support networks, communication and problem solving, emotions & feeling under pressure, stress and peer pressure and friendship.
By using workshop activities that get all the students involved they are learning about these areas in an interactive and fun way and seeing for themselves the areas of their lives that they can enhance with the skills they work on each week.